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The brand Daniele Marinelli was founded in 1973 in Piumazzo, just outside Modena,
At the beginning, the main production included just produced leather belts for men.
The company's driving force, the same that propels the company today after 43 years, is a great passion for the art of leather goods, which are made with care and research into materials.

The leathers are worked in an exclusively artisan way, respecting tradition yet willing to experiment.
Between the 1970s and 1980s, Daniele Marinelli expanded with a new line of accessories for men, such as braces and travel bags. Thanks to the care in selecting leathers, and great attention to detail in workmanship, the brand became synonymous with style and sophistication.
Throughout the 1990s the brand market position in leather goods specialising in fashion accessories consolidated and the company began to achieve great prestige and solidity. Passion and tradition merged thanks to the experience and creativity of the designer, while flexibility and dynamism were the elements that became the distinguishing features of the company.
In 2001 the company underwent a generational change with the arrival of Alessandra and Cristina Marinelli, Daniele's daughters: they forged ahead with the brand's exclusivity and the binomial tradition/experimentation. The men's collection was thus reviewed; a new emphasis was placed on the concept of form and there was development of what would be the company projects: a new young collection, directed to young fashion trends, and following this, a line dedicated entirely to women.
Today Daniele Marinelli brand continues to work to create a very high quality, totally Italian product, dedicated to the demands of those who wish to wear an accessory that is perfect in every detail and the expression of "the essence of personal dressing".