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"Lilium" is born from the dream of recovering the ancient and refined art of hand embroidery. The pillars of this craft are the immense love for the beautiful, the expertise, the experience, the constant application of new techniques of embroidery, and the study, research and internalization of historical texts and artifacts illustrating the ancient expression of this particular art.


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Lilium produces unique and exclusive items of high value packaged and embroidered by hand.
We can count on the invaluable collaboration a teacher of art for over thirty years creates sophisticated embroidery expressing in various subjects their creative inspirations (curtains, tablecloths, bedding, family trees, refined figures of angels and inserts of various kinds of fashion ...) Each work will be performed at the request getting in tune and in harmony with the environment and the ornament which it is intended, strongly reflecting the personality and the desire of the applicante. The activity that we wish to propose intends to ask the purpose aimed at putting emphasize not only the artistic element and material, but also the ethical dimension. Indeed, enhance the art means for us to estimate the creativity of the person operating. It can not be understood and considered according to the narrow economic criterion productive. Without this primary care, we believe that would be missing the deeper meaning of a creative activity, such as embroidery. Female hands are ideal tools, natural, almost unique to this art. The competence, the delicacy, the rigor and accuracy are rediscovered as fundamental structural elements, if they are not separated by the dedication, from wisdom and love for what is done.