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Tranceria Stebor was founded in 1994 by an idea of Luca Bortolotto.
The Luca Bortolotto, born in 1973, is son of manufactures of leather bags. After his certificate as Electronic Technician he decides to apply the knoweledge learned during his technical studies to the production of leather goods, or at the same world that he has known since he was a child in the family's laboratory.

stebor log

The technological advancement and the arrival of software and machines dedicated to the control of the cutting of the leather found in Luca Bortolotto an ideal partner.

Tranceria Stebor is the synthesis and the natural point of contact between the technical training of the owner, with a passion for computers and electronics, and the working tradition of his family.

Since 2007 Tranceria Stebor is an emblematic example of synthesis between the Venetian "know-how of quality" and technological developments.
In a unique site for production and manufacturing as the "Northeast" of Italy, Tranceria Stebor is a clear expression of the necessary evolution ability of companies to respond to the increasingly sophisticated needs that become from the global market.
Today, in addition to the leather cutting by hollow punch and by hands, Tranceria Stebor provides its international clientele, from the world of fashion to the furnishing world, advanced technology for the leather cutting, through the use of innovative production techniques and technological equipment.
The company now consists of twenty employees specialize in the cutting and packaging of manufactured leather goods: handbags, fashion accessories, furniture, saddles for horseback riding, and more.
Tranceria Stebor today uses No. 4 Cad Cam, No.12 TRANCE A BANDIERA and No. 2 TRANCE A PONTE and spreading machine for tissues.
Thanks to the technology used and its specialized staff, Tranceria Stebor provides its customers a great versatility, experience and high quality production proudly Made in Italy.